Primary Persona Name
Don Sebastian Estevan de Xavier
Awards and Honors
Order of the Golden Rapier, Queen's Honor of Distinction (Roxane III), Award of Arms, Order of the Iron Tower (Principal Recipient, Settmour Swamp), Past Rapier Champion of Carillion, Past Rapier Champion of Settmour Swamp, Current Thrown Weapons Champion of Settmour Swamp
Roles and Activities
Rapier fighter, Settmour Swamp Baronial Marshal of Fence, heavy list marshal-at-large, thrown weapons marshal-at-large
Local Branch
Rapier Company
Company Rank
Mentoring Affiliations
Xavier is a former cadet to Don Ricardo del Costa Verde.
Other Affiliations
Ravenspittle, Cloven Nemesis
Entered SCA Rapier
September 1999
Favorite Rapier Forms
Single rapier, rapier and dagger, case of 30" rapier