Primary Persona Name
Don Pierre de Tours
Awards and Honors
Order of the Golden Rapier, Order of the Silver Crescent, Queen's Order of Courtesy, Award of Arms, Order of the Ram's Horn (Concordia of the Snows), Order of the Diamond (Concordia of the Snows), Order of Friends (Concordia of the Snows), Past Rapier Champion of Concordia of the Snows
Roles and Activities
Rapier fighter, rapier marshal, Baron of Concordia of the Snows
Local Branch
Mentoring Affiliations
Cadets: Margaret Kilbourne, Faylan Niall, Patricio del Cordoba, Julia Gendreau
Student: Nicholas le Noir
Former cadet: Baron Jean Paul Ducasse

Entered SCA Rapier
May 1995
Favorite Rapier Forms
Sword and dagger, sword and cloak, sword and shotgun, sword and artillery
Primary Persona Story/Info

Pierre is 16th-Century French residing in England when not at sea. He is currently hiding in Elizabeth's England from the Spanish Inquisition due to his hobby of killing any Inquisitors he encounters.