Primary Persona Name
Lady Elysabeth (Lissa) Underhill
Awards and Honors
Award of Arms, Order of the Salamander (Bhakail), Past Rapier Champion of Carillion
Roles and Activities
Rapier fighter and marshal, MoL
Local Branch
Rapier Company
Company Rank
Mentoring Affiliations
Lissa is a cadet to Dona Marion del Okes and a student of Madame Brunissende de BrocÚliande.
Other Affiliations
WOTOG, Sisterhood of Saint Walburga
Entered SCA Rapier
April 2004
Favorite Rapier Form
Rapier and dagger
Populace Service Announcement
Lady Elysabeth is a member of the Sisterhood of St. Walburga. The Sisterhood is a discussion and resource-sharing group for studying and spreading good heraldry practices in the East Kingdom (sometimes through the Enlightenment-inducing qualities of booze).

For assistance with researching and registering your name and device in the East Kingdom, contact the Sisterhood of St. Walburga.
"Booze, books, blazon, bullsh*t since A.S. XL"