Primary Persona Name
Isabel Chamberlaine
Roles and Activities
Rapier fighter
Local Branch
Mentoring Affiliations
Isabel is a cadet to Baron Jean Paul Ducasse.
Entered SCA Rapier
May 2009
Story for Persona

Isabel is late 15th-century English. She is the daughter of a successful London mercer who often traveled to the trading centres of Europe, bringing back extravagant and exotic gifts for his daughter. On occasion she was allowed to travel with him, picking up "whimsical" skills in the process. Her father also indulged her the opportunity to learn more masculine traits such as the use of a sword and assisting him with his business dealings.

Isabel was taught many of the things that all dignified young girls are encouraged to learn: painting and fine writing being two of those many subjects. With her father traveling to Europe so often, she was able to acquire a number of manuscripts and books to continue building her father's library. Finding some of the pages quite dull, she would often sit and decorate the borders and letters.