Primary Persona Name
Don Garrick Mapmaker
Awards and Honors
Order of the Golden Rapier, Order of the Silver Crescent, Award of Arms, Companion of the White Oak (Barony Beyond the Mountain)
Roles and Activities
Rapier fighter and marshal, Canton Exchequer and Historian
Local Branch
LoRA Rank
Mentoring Affiliations
Cadet: Barbara "Basia" Wrona
Student: John Green
Entered SCA Rapier
Favorite Rapier Form
Rapier and cloak
Personal Information and Commentary
I make my living as a Research Scientist, specializing in novel thin film materials for computer chips. Thus I was one of the main developers of the Society standard drop tester for fencing armor, most questions on that subject end up getting referred to me. I also have interests in gaming, historical technology and science fiction (especially "hard" sf), and go to SF conventions when I can manage it.