Primary Persona Name
Don Dylan ap Maelgwn
Argent, two gussets gules, in chief a wolf's head cabossed sable.
Awards and Honors
Order of the Pelican, Order of the Golden Rapier, Order of the White Scarf (AEthelmearc), Order of the Silver Crescent, Order of the Salamander (Bhakail), Past King's Rapier Champion (4x)
Roles and Activities
Rapier fighter and marshal, past seneschal and herald
Local Branch
Gold Cord from before the LoRA
Mentoring Affiliations
Former cadets: Don Coinneach MacPhearson (Outlands), Don Ian Raven of Tadcaster, Don Martin Quicksilver, Dona Marion del Okes
Former students: Don Nigel of Castle West, Don Collin Monro of Tadcaster, Alain Longship, Don John of the Endless Quest, Don Charles (Outlands)

Dylan is a former protégé to Master Bishop Geoffrey d'Ayre and squire to Sir Tanaka Raiko.
Other Affiliations
House Full Circle, Sharc Pit
Entered SCA Rapier
June 1986
Favorite Rapier Forms
Rapier and dagger
Primary Persona Story/Info

Dylan is 9th-century Welsh.