Primary Persona Name
Mistress Alys Mackyntoich
Alternate Personae
Alays de Brantome, a 14th-century woman living in Carcassone in southern France.

Alis Helpusgod, an intrepid 12th-century Anglo-Norman who joined the Sisterhood of Saint Walburga after the death of her third husband. "I'm just very unlucky" said Mistress Alis of her marital choices. "Can I help it if I keep wearing them out?" The Sisterhood of Saint Walburga could not be reached for comment, except to state that the investments from Mistress Alis' dowery donation were performing better than expected.
Awards and Honors
Order of the Pelican, Court Baroness with Grant of Arms, Order of the Golden Rapier, Order of the Silver Crescent, Queen's Order of Courtesy, Queen's Honor of Distinction (Isabella II), Queen's Cypher (Isabella II), King's Cypher (Andreas III), Queen's Cypher (Brenwen), Award of Arms, Order of the Perseus (Carolingia), Order of the Iron Tower (Settmour Swamp), Order of the Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp), Past Queen's Rapier Champion
Roles and Activities
Rapier fighter and marshal, Sinking Tower Pursuivant (Herald for Settmour Swamp)
Local Branch
Mentoring Affiliations
Cadets: Lady Tessa da Canossa, Lady Maire ni Sheaghda, Lady Engracia de Madrigal
Protégé: Madame Brunissende de Brocéliande
Former cadet: Don Malcolm Bowman

Alys is a former squire to Master Rolf Gunnarson, and an "adjunct professor" to TOAD, the No Blood No Foul Rapier and Fighter Academy and the Tadcaster Militia.
Other Affiliations
Sharc Pit, Sisterhood of Saint Walburga, Heralds of Saint Winebald
Entered SCA Rapier
September 1989
Favorite Rapier Form
Case of rapier
Populace Service Announcement
Mistress Alys is a founding member of the Sisterhood of St. Walburga. The Sisterhood is a discussion and resource-sharing group for studying and spreading good heraldry practices in the East Kingdom (sometimes through the Enlightenment-inducing qualities of booze).

For assistance with researching and registering your name and device in the East Kingdom, contact the Sisterhood of St. Walburga.
"Booze, books, blazon, bullsh*t since A.S. XL"
Personal Info and Commentary
Deputy KMoF 1992-1995; KMoF 1995-1998; Marshal in Charge of multiple Pennsics; Along with Dylan ap Maelgwn, first fencer on the Queen's Guard [Christence II].

Contrary to popular myth, I never put a broken foil blade through a car door.

I play the recorder and am a font of useless knowledge about period music. I'm learning to write period scroll texts.
Primary Persona Story/Info
When I started out in the SCA, I wanted to be an 11th century Anglo-Norman. Then I discovered fencing and got sidetracked. :-} Alys is from Inverness because I recently found out that some form of "McIntosh" was the third most common name in Inverness in the 16th century. Despite being in the Highlands, Inverness actually was fairly cosmopolitan at that time. Cosmopolitan, of course, for Scotland. I'm currently reading a biography of Francis Walsingham and a history of Elizabethan secret services. I think, given her un-ladylike tendency to hit people with swords, that Alys may be a spy in the service of England in the Court of Queen Mary. Alys is most definitely a faithful member of the Kirk, but she has a regrettable tendency to make friends with Papists, particularly those from Spain and France.