Primary Persona Name
THL Alesone Gray of Cranlegh
Awards and Honors
Grant of Arms, King's Cypher (Konrad II), Queen's Honor of Distinction (Gabriella II), Queen's Honor of Distinction (Alethea), Award of Arms
Roles and Activities
Rapier marshal, Kingdom Web Minister, cook, seamstress
Local Branch
Rapier Company
Mentoring Affiliations
Student: Lady Elysabeth (Lissa) Underhill and Lady Jane Milford for cooking and sewing

Alesone is a cadet to Don Ian of Tadcaster.
Other Affiliations
The Guild of St Mark, Guild of Saint Barbara
Entered SCA Rapier
April 2008
Favorite Rapier Forms
Dagger, apron and ladle
Primary Persona Story

Alesone Gray, is the daughter of a successful merchant that made a sizable donation to the crown and received a Knighthood. She grew up in Cranlegh village, Surrey, England, as the youngest sibling with five older brothers, in the later part of the 16th century. She was taught dancing at an early age, by the master hired to teach her brothers fencing. She would secretly watch the fencing lessons, longing to play with the blades. After being caught on numerous occasions with weapons in hand, her father allowed her to take lessons with her brothers. She eventually cajoled her father into allowing her to be trained to use black powder and cannons.